evaporative cooler model SA 70C

Cellulose pads prevent the dust and bacteria from entering the environment and purify the air. Due to their high thickness, the pads increase the contact surface between the water and the air and create more cooling compared to the conventional coolers. The pads have higher lifetime and need to be replaced only in every 4 years. They just need to be washed with a soft brush at the end of each season.


Technical specifications table evaporative cooler model SA 70C


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Savalan co.

Company Green Sulan Sulan was established in 1350 with the name of the product category and industry. The company has a factory in Iran, Tehran's Kahrizak region, and the land area of ​​33,000 square meters could produce heating and cooling systems, including water coolers, oil-fired and gas-fired heater and feed Pz·hay oil and gas burner, step in order to take effective prosper and grow. More than half a century of experience in production and industrial groups Sulan green and Innovation, a leading home appliance industry and honors the country by producing coolers, heaters and cooking food by exporting more than 95% of its stake in home appliances exports of the country is responsible. It was introduced in successive years as Exporter of quality and standard as the unit was awarded the golden statuette standard..  

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